UPDATE: Getting my ducks in a row

It’s not about ducks, it’s about a thick pile of handwritten notes on their way to becoming blog entries.

It’s also about the fruits of … well, fruitful … dialogues I’ve had with interesting people, and about being asked: “Could you please write about this?”

It’s also about having promised to translate certain blog entries … I’m working on it, and not least on editing the translation someone kindly did for me

And it’s about two very interesting seminars I’ve been to recently, on “The Aware Ego Process” and on Nonviolent Communication. I feel like a python who has swallowed a pig (two, actually) whole, and now needs time to chill out and digest.

It’s about “life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”.

And it’s about plans: My Blog Plan for now is to post short entries that I’ll be linking back to later.

Comments and questions are very welcome – I haven’t  figured out how to write that in the “comments” section, and I’d really appreciate it if someone would explain how to do it.

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