Secular and religious response to child molestations

Here is a link to a statement by Barbara Dorris, Outreach Director of SNAP, the Survivors Network of those Abused by Priests:

The parallels between recent sex abuse cases are disturbing

And I quote:

What is different about PSU and the Citadel, however, is that the outside reaction – from parents, alumni, community members, and the media – has been visceral. These people have rightly been outraged, and heads have rolled because of their public outcry.
Yet we see no such outcry with the church. On the contrary, people have jumped to defend the priests that have been accused of molesting young boys and girls, and moved quickly to attempt to discredit those who came forward, citing misnomers as “this abuse occurred so long ago, get over it,” “you’re in it for the money, “and “if you were actually abused, what took you so long to come forward?”

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