What is the nature of reality?

Today I am linking to “Only Smarties have the Answer”, a video/ lecture / art exhibition  by Aidan Shingler.

A quote: “The Oxford Companion to the Mind defines psychosis as: ‘the misapprehension and misinterpretation of the nature of realty.’ This definition not only presumes that there is a correct way to apprehend and interpret reality, it also implies that to see the world through the eyes of the clinician is an accurate and superior way of perceiving.”

I specially liked one of the comments to the film, written by “Isisbridge”:

Are Are psychiatrists bad or mad?
    They certainly do a lot of harm to their patients, but many of them are quite sincere about what they are doing and really believe they are helping people. So it appears to be some form of delusion, which would indicate that they do have a serious mental disorder. A large perecentage also have delusions of grandeur, thought disorder, and incongruity of thought and affect (smiling at their patients whilst writing utter nonsense about them).
      I can find no evidence that psychiatry is a genetic disease or that it is caused by a chemical imbalance in the brain. Rather it seems to be a personality disorder, which stems from their early environment at medical school and their relationships with other members of their profession.
      Talk-therapy doesn’t seem to work with psychiatrists, as most of them lack empathy and have no insight into their condition. So they ought to be locked up for society’s protection.

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