Comparing a Diagnosis of Cancer and Psychiatric Disorder

In Critical psychiatry  I found a link to an article that fits right in with my previous post, “The most destructive force …”

Comparing a Diagnosis of Cancer and Psychiatric Disorder

Amongst other things, John McCarthy wrote:

“As I progressed and formed a relationship with my team of doctors, I realised something about the whole series of events and I asked my admitting doctor who carried out my original examination when he was probing my stomach and my back with his fingers, did he realise then that I had a tumour?

His answer was “yes, but I had to have all the tests carried out before I could stand over my opinion”. What we have within psychiatry is what I can only call an arrogance that allows the doctors opinion to be accepted as medical science and since I began campaigning a number of years ago, I have met so many people who have been severely damaged by the lack of science behind that opinion.”

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