Laura Beck: "Sorry Not Sorry: How to Non-Apologize"

Link to an illuminating article:

Some quotes:

“1. Quick tip: if “sorry” is immediately followed by the word “if”, “you”, or “you’re”, then you are most likely not apologizing.
Sorry if I hurt your feelings.
Sorry you’re offended.
Sorry you didn’t get the joke.
Sorry if you were disturbed.
Sorry you’re upset
Sorry your ass got in the way of my hand.”

“Just remember — show no self-awareness regarding your actions, and absolutely no real remorse. Because every day we’re learning and evolving, and most people want to do that in a way that keep their world as small as possible, and cuts them off from satisfying communication with other human beings. It’s always more comfortable to live in your tiny bubble of disillusion than to experience the connection that happens with other humans when you’re able to reflect and grow. Good job, team! Now, let’s go kick some puppies and light a few babies on fire.” 

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