Can psychiatry and recovery move in the same direction?

Here is a link to a Huff post by Allen Frances, Professor Emeritus, Duke University:

Psychiatry and Hearing Voices: A Dialogue With Eleanor Longden

I’ve been following the discussion between Frances and the Hearing Voices Network (there are links in this post), and this dialogue looks promising.

I recently wrote a post where I conclude that psychiatry and recovery are moving in opposite directions:

Nothing would please me more than to be proven wrong. 


Edited on November 1st:

I am linking to a discussion between the clinical psychologist Lucy Johnstone @ClinpsychLucy and Allen Frances @AllenFrancesMD: 

Does It Make Sense To Scrap Psychiatric Diagnosis?
 A debate on shifting paradigms 
Published on October 28, 2013 by Allen J. Frances, M.D. in Saving Normal

And what Dr Frances writes here does not seem to prove me wrong.

I am a slow thinker and need to make a detour or two before I get back to this topic, but I will be back. 

Meanwhile, here is a link to a comment from Dr Duncan Double @DBDouble in his blog “Critical psychiatry”:

What’s psychosocial reductionism?


Nov 5th: Embedding this: 


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