I am not ALL
I am not WE

This I tell myself every single day.

And I say this:

WE are not ME
WE are not ALL
SOME are not ALL
Not even MANY are 
And not MOST
Neither are they 

Have you found a life hack that fits you?
That fits you and someone you know?
That fits some?
That fits many?
That fits most?
That fits nearly everyone?

Then you have a choice:
You can act as if your life hack fits everyone.

Or you can,
even while describing your life hack,
know that every human is unknowable.

You can know that everyone is different.
And that actually is EVERYONE.
Everyone is an individual, 

with different strengths and weaknesses, different needs.
Some have invisible burdens, invisible wounds.

And a life hack that fits you …
someone …
many …
most …
or nearly all ...

Does not fit ALL.

Do you know that?

Do you show that you know that?

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