Rape in the US military

Yesterday I posted some links under the heading “Men and Shame”.
And in today’s “Guardian” there is an article by Lucy Broadbent, called …

Rape in the US military: America’s dirty little secret

“A female soldier in Iraq is more likely to be attacked by a fellow soldier than killed by enemy fire”

And how is the US military like the Catholic Church? In the article, Greg Jacob, policy director at the Service Women’s Action Network, says:

“Rape is a universal problem – it happens everywhere. But in other military systems it is regarded as a criminal offence, while in the US military, in many cases, it’s considered simply a breach of good conduct. Regularly, a sex offender in the US system goes unpunished, so it proliferates. In the US, the whole reporting procedure is handled – from the investigation to the trial, to the incarceration – in-house. That means the command has an overwhelming influence over what happens. If a commander decides a rape will not get prosecuted, it will not be. And in many respects, reporting a rape is to the commander’s disadvantage, because any prosecution will result in extra administration and him losing a serviceman from his unit.”

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