Advice against rape: “You have to think that there is a person in there."

one of the Norwegian blogs I follow, I came across a post that fits perfectly
in with my previous posts, and w
the author´s permission, I have translated it.
Marit Elisebet Totland is a politician with a wide range of experience.
Here is a link to the original article, called 

And here is a translation: 

Marit Elisebet
Totland :

“You have to
think that there´s a person in there”

reporter in the national TV program “Puls” is talking with boys who have
committed rape, and asks how one can prevent this. One guy
answers that it helps to think that “there is a person in there”.

is completely correct. There is a person in there. But I find it disturbing that
this has to be underscored. Isn’t it self-evident?

our culture so body-fixated that we have to remind ourselves of what is most
important? The visible body is a living human being with thoughts,
emotions, evaluations and borders, and it has 100% value, regardless of what
others might think?

it´s not just borders that children and young adults need to learn about, but the
unconditional value of human life. That is the cornerstone. When we have a firm
base of knowledge about human dignity and worth, we can transform that
knowledge into respectful action, regardless of race, sex, religion, health,
age … the list is endless. 

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